Boom Beach Hack & Cheats for Diamonds, Coins & Wood

boom-beach-hack-cheats-diamonds-coins-wood.jpg Once more going with what works well for them, Supercell released yet another real time strategy game. After the great success of Clash of Clans, the game development company released Boom Beach, a game with very similar traits as Supercell's previous big time winner, only with a modernized twist to it.

Both the interface of the game and the initial tutorial of Boom Beach strongly resemble that of Clash of Clans, so any dedicated Supercell fans should be able to pick up on how to play the game very quickly. Boom Beach is set on a small island where you have set up your home base; your mission is to protect the natives of the smaller surrounding islands who somehow keep getting captured by the notorious Blackguards.

Whilst being an island superhero, you must also protect your own home island as you will also get targeted by bad guys, in your development you must set up landmines, sniper towers and various other defending weaponry to help protect your own tiny civilization from utter defeat and destruction.

You'll find that the gameplay is initially very slow, but once you get the hang of the game it's actually very easy to control.

As the designated island savior, you must eradicate the defenses that have been built on the tiny islands which you have sworn to protect, after the defenses are down, you must attack the village hall where the natives are being held without food and being forced to work without rest. Once free, the native islanders provide you with regular small sums of money as a show of the gratitude for rescuing them; these gold deliveries will arrive by a small boat that travels between the liberated islands, returning to you when gold has been deposited on it.

In the beginning of your gameplay, you will have multiple buildings already constructed on your island, you will. have; a Level 1 sawmill that produces wood, a Level 1 headquarters and a level 1 residence that provides you with a regular gold income. Also, you will have 50 diamonds, 1600 gold saved and 400 pieces of wood in your stores.

As you begin to get deeper into the game, you are able add more buildings as storage points for your resources, more homes for your villagers for a bigger gold income and you will also be able to upgrade all of your buildings and weapons.

Boom Beach has multiple diamond packages available to purchase from the in game store, the packages can cost anywhere between $4.99 and $99.99 for various quantities starting from a 500 diamond package to a 14,000 diamond package.

Boom Beach is currently running version 18.121.1 and is available to play in numerous languages. It requires your device to be running at least iOS 7.0 or later. It can be downloaded for free from the app store, with the option to purchase extra in app content. This game is currently rated four and a half stars and has generally favorable reviews from players.

Boom Beach Cheats & Tips

Boom Beach is one of the many dreaded server sided games, where legitimate hacks and cheats are near impossible to find. The time change trick doesn't even work on this game and if attempted, you;;l see a notification saying that your construction has been completed, however, there will be no actual change on your island.

Because of this, the only things we can really do when it comes to maximizing your gaming experience all we have to rely on is strategy.

I found various tricks which I could exploit in a perfectly safe way. one of the easiest things that I found was the fact that you can really make a good amount of gold just from attacking the other islands, if you're low on gold, or just need a few pieces to get that last upgrade, don't bother waiting for your level one houses to give you a couple gold here and there, if you need money, island liberating is where you need to be at. Keep in mind that once you've uncovered all of the possible islands, you'll need to upgrade your radar so that you're able to explore further out, rescuing more islands as you go.

As we all know, upgrading times can be murder when you're waiting around for that tower or residence to finish upgrading because you literally can't do anything else building wise until your upgrade is done, the time you spend waiting can be used in more productive ways such as attacking captured islands or making new troops so you can attack and win a lot quicker, while you wait, you can battle as much as you want, providing you still have islands that are yet to be freed by you.

If you find that you need extra wood, you need go no further than your own home island; you can chop down a tree in exchange for six hundred gold and you'll receive three hundred pieces of wood.

Also, try to make sure upgrading your buildings in Boom Beach is one of your primary focuses, particularly your headquarters due to that fact that it will unlock new buildings for you to start work on that will contribute to the success of your island. Try to do this right at the beginning of the game as it will allow you to hit level five much faster, which is a point in the game where things start to get a little more interesting.

Before you attack one of those nasty Blackguard controlled islands, it's always a good idea to scout ahead before your actual attack, this way, and you're able to see whether you can actually take them down or not.

Pay attention to any achievements you might get and what needs to be done to complete them, as any completed achievements will give you a reward of diamonds, there are three stars to each achievement, you gain one star each time you complete the achievement requirements, you also gain a different number of diamonds depending on which star you have gained, you get 10 diamonds for your first star, 20 diamonds for your second star and 30 diamonds for your third star.

Boom Beach Hack

If you're looking to get a ton more diamonds, coins and wood in Boom Beach, the hack tool is perfect for you. With the Boom Beach hack, you can add unlimited amounts of diamonds, coins, and wood directly to your Boom Beach account. The hack is free to download and works for both Android and iOS devices. You can get the hack via the site I've linked above.

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