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draw-something-cheats.jpgDraw Something is a lot like Pictionary and while it seems that the same concept has been used over and over, this game definitely builds on the classic game. While the game isn't too complicated there are draw something cheats out there if you are interested. I've used some from draw-something-cheats.com that work pretty well. They can help when you want to play with your friends and dominate the game.

You can play multiple games at the same time, and you will want to, because your earn coins every single time that you get a word right, if you're good at the game, your bank will fill up really quick and you'll find yourself owning every color available without ever having to spend a penny on the game. Another way to fill up your bank is with a draw something cheat or hack tool. We don't recommend using them as we don't ourselves, but if you're looking for that we've got you covered.
The word solver cheat is on the homepage of that site. The actual hack tool is on another page so you'll need to find that using their navigation.

These coins can also be used to purchase bombs that get rid of any wrong letters in your letter tray when your guess what your opponent is drawing. The bombs are useful, especially when my opponent starts to struggle with their word and ends up drawing something that has no resemblance of anything on this earth, cue the bombs please? Those players who do find themselves playing a lot may want to spend the $2.99 on the paid version because there really are only so many times a person can draw Shrek without getting to the point of irritation where you just scribble the word Shrek across your screen.

Draw Something is not a challenge (unless you're really bad at drawing) nor is it a competition. What it is, is a social game which is meant to bring people together, even those who were previously strangers. Whether you find yourself playing against a close friend or an absolute stranger, you learn more about those people. How a person plays Draw Something says a lot about them. They may have an eye for detail, or they may even know how to enjoy a good joke, or maybe they just play in a completely unique way. There are some cheating players that try to simply write their word to make an easy few coins. The lack of challenge and competition in this game will most likely be a deterrent to many, but to others, they will find purely innocent fun in this game. This is one of the reasons the game is so popular. That said we all have times when we want a little bit of an edge and the available draw something cheats can really help with that.

Draw Something is currently running version 2.3.3 and is available to play in multiple different languages. It requires your device to be running at least iOS version 4.3 or later. It is available both as a free app and a paid app costing $2.99 on the app store, both have the option to purchase further in app content, however the paid app does already have some tools and colors unlocked which are not free in the free version. It is currently rated four and a half stars in the app store and has generally good reviews from users. It has Facebook integration so you are able to access your current games and unlocked features across multiple devices.

There are various premium currency packages available in Draw Something; the player can purchase coin packs for prices ranging from $1.99 to $24.99 for values ranging from 400 coins to 10,000 coins, these can be used to purchase extra colors, bombs and extra drawing tools. Another option, albeit a potentially immoral one, is to use the draw something hack tool which allows you to generate a variety of free upgrades. Things like extra bombs and extended drawing tools can be had for free. That said we don't condone using these tools.

Draw Something Tips and Tricks

When playing this game, one of my biggest tips for you is to pay attention to the line thickness tool, using the default line thickness makes it really hard for both parties involved in the game, it can make it incredibly difficult for you to draw properly and it can be very difficult for your opponent who may not be able to even figure out what you have even drawn. With the thinnest option, you can add so much more detail to your drawings and make for a much better game. If you use the draw something cheat you can actually get a variety of free drawing tools which should really help in this area.

If you're nervous about some of the harder words, really don't be afraid to test your skills, while a lot of the harder ones are usually celebrities, most of the others are still pretty easy to draw as long as you know what cues to give your opponent in your drawing. Because these are more difficult to accurately portray, you win far more coins, better personal stats, and a feeling of sheer awesomeness.

Bombs are incredibly useful as they will eliminate some of the letters in your bank, which will help you guess what the correct word might be if you get really stuck, bear in mind that you should ONLY use these when you're stuck faster than superglue. Make sure that you don't get carried away with using your bombs because once you start using bombs at every opportunity, you'll run out of them very quickly; only use them in dire need. Again use the draw something bomb cheat if you want to have unlimited bombs in the game.

Also if you can't figure out the picture straight away, take a moment to check out your available letters. If you've played scrabble or Words With Friends, you'll be familiar with rearranging your available letter to come up with some semblance of a word, this is a great tactic, especially if you're struggling. If possible, I suggest using a tablet to play this game as you have so much more screen space to be able to draw what you want to draw whilst paying attention to the smaller details, also, if you have a stylus, try to use it to play this game; it makes the drawing process feel so much more natural.

One of the things I really enjoy about this game is the fact that there are no time limits for completing your drawing or making your guess, there are no punishments even if you do get the word wrong either. I also like the fact that when I linked my Facebook to the game, I was able to access all of my previously started games and I didn't have to start over with the process of building up my colors, I also like that I was able to see all of my friends who were also actively playing the game and who were looking for someone new to face off against. You're also given the option to invite other friends that aren't already playing, I like this because it allows me to suggest the game to friends I know would enjoy the game. I also really like the fact that despite the fact that the game was originally release back in 2012, OMGPOP are still releasing updates for the game, which really makes me want to carry on [playing and see what other new things they may come up with.


Sadly there seems to be no system in place to prevent people from cheating at the game by just writing the word down to make coins, it really takes the fun out of the game when you come across people who aren't even willing to try drawing the word thy picked, it makes the game pointless because they just want coins to get more colors and bombs, but what is the point of getting these if you aren't going to even draw?

My Draw Something Review


Artwork: I give Draw Something an 8/10 for its artwork. Considering that you are the artist in this game, really the rating depends on how good an artist you are. The overall design of the game is colorful and visually appealing and definitely well done.

Music and SFX: I give the game a 5/10 for its music and SFX. There really isn't much in the way of music however there are fun little sound effects at various, appropriate times, like when you submit a drawing or successfully complete a round. I wish there were more music in this game as it would make it feel a lot more artsy and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the game, making for a better experience. One of the cooler hacks i've found is actually a music replacement hack that lets you customize your draw something experience with your taste of music. Something to give a shot if you're an audiophile like myself.

Story and Originality: I give the game an 8/10 for its story and originality. Whilst the Pictionary concept isn't all that new, Draw Something really builds on what Pictionary set out to do. Draw Something is a modern twist on a classic game.

General Gameplay: I give the game an 8/10 for its general gameplay. The gameplay itself is easy to grasp and fun regardless of whether you're really good at art or your expertise stops at stick men. It's a simple game with not much to it. Hopefully draw something 2 has some more features to make it a little more interesting. PS Draw-Something-Cheat.com already has a working hack tool available for the game based off of the beta version.

Addictiveness: I give the game an 8/10 for its addictiveness. Because this game is so easy to play through, where earning coins isn't a difficult feat, you find yourself wanting to play more games for those extra few coins so you can buy that shade of red you've just been dying to get.

My overall rating for Draw Something is 7/10

That said hopefully this cheats guide and draw something review helped you out. If you have any questions about the game just leave us a reply on this post and I'll do my best to answer them.

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