No One Dies Cheats and Working Hack

If you're looking for cheats for the game No One Dies you've come to the right place. We tested all the hack tools for the game no one dies and found a couple that actually work.

First off the game is really simple in theory, you touch the screen to make the player jump and avoid obstacles. The challenge is managing this for multiple players at the same time at crazy speeds. These no one dies cheats can help you with this.

The first thing you need to do to use any of these is download the hack tool from

Once you've downloaded that you can enter the following codes:

Slow Motion - 4829028 - This cheat just slows the game down to half speed making it way easier to avoid obstacles and manage the players. It takes longer to get to record breaking scores but it's still way faster than dying and having to keep replaying the game. This is probably the easiest cheat for a new player and will easily help you double or triple your score the first time you use it.

Super Jump - 4927102 - This hack is pretty awesome, you feel like michael jordan jumping with it. It makes your jumps twice as far because of the hangtime. The only problem with this one is sometimes it makes it hard to gauge when to jump since you might stay in the air so long that you run into another obstacle quicker than expected. This is a fun one but you really need to get your timing down.

These are the first two that we're released for the game but has a bunch more that have come out since then. Visit that website to find all the best cheats and hacks for no one dies.

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