Godus Cheats & Hack Tool for Belief, Gems & Followers

godus-cheats-hack-belief-followers-gems-wheat.jpgIf you're a fan of Civilization and other building games then you need to check out Godus. The game started out as a PC game which raised hundreds of thousands in Kickstarter capital and was recently developed into a mobile app game. Godus is currently available for iOS devices and is rumored to be coming to Android soon.

As the name suggests, you basically get to play God in this game. You can change and develop the landscape of the game as you please and have your followers do the work for you. Just be sure to keep your followers happy so they don't convert to another civilization! Players can collect
various Godly powers to use to create miracles or spread destruction throughout the land in Godus.

The possibilities are pretty much endless in Godus, you can create the land to be however you want and grow your civilization to be the largest in the game! The main annoyance I've run into while playing Godus is time. Once you get far enough in the game and start building larger and more expansive landscapes and structures, you'll find yourself having to wait a long time for your followers to build them. You could pay real money to speed up time in the game and increase your followers' productivity but who wants to do that?

Godus Building, Farming, & Mining Time Cheat

Here's a pretty simple time cheat I found to help cut down on the waiting time when trying to expand your civilization. Whether you're trying to build new structures or farm more wheat to feed your people, you'll find yourself having to wait for the followers to carry out the tasks. To do this Godus cheat, first set your followers to do some task whether it's farming, mining, building, etc.

Then exit out of your Godus game completely. You can do this by double tapping the Home button on your iOS device and then swiping the Godus icon upward to exit the game. Now access the settings menu on your device. Move your device's clock forward by an hour or however much time is needed to complete the task. Open the Godus app again and your followers will have completed the task, no more waiting!

Godus Hack Tool for Unlimited Belief, Wheat, Gems, & Followers

The Godus time cheat works well for completing tasks but there are other important resources in the game that cannot be attained with the time cheat. Belief is one of the most important resources in the game because it can be used to purchase God Powers and other items in the game. Followers are another very important resource, without them, nothing would get done.

That's why they've created a hack tool for Godus which enables players to get unlimited gems, beliefs, wheat, and followers in seconds! The hack tool works very easily, I was able to get a ton more followers and belief in just a couple minutes. All you have to do is visit the hack site (I've linked to it above) and download the hack tool onto your phone or tablet. Then just open the Godus hack tool and choose how much of each resource you want to add.

Make sure you select your type of device and tap "connect" before starting the hack tool. As soon as the hack tool is connected to your Godus account, you can begin the hack! It should work pretty much instantly so then you can just open the Godus app to check if it worked. I was able to regain thousands of followers with it and I added a bunch of Belief to my account too. Good luck!

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