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swing-copters-cheats-ad.jpg Many of you are already familiar with the game that tested many friendships and brought some people to the edge of insanity: Flappy Bird. For those of you who haven't heard of Flappy Bird, it was a game with a simple concept but very difficult execution. The objective was to guide your bird through a maze while tapping to keep it from touching the different obstacles. Flappy Bird was an instant hit because of the difficulty and the competitive aspect of trying to get a better score than your friends. Then one day, shortly after the release of Flappy Bird, the developer pulled the game from the App Store. Well now the developer, Dong Nguyen, is back with a new game app called Swing Copters. At first glance, the game appears to be very similar to Flappy Bird. It shares the same cartoon animation and even involves tapping the screen to avoid obstacles. However there are some notable differences between Flappy Bird and Swing Copters.
  • Your character is a little guy wearing a helicopter hat, not a bird
  • You'll have to maneuver your character upward instead of flying horizontally
  • Tapping will move the helicopter man from left to right to avoid the obstacles
  • Instead of trying to fly through stationary pipes, you'll have to avoid swinging hammers
Sounds like fun right? From the looks of it, Swing Copters will be even more difficult than Flappy Bird which could increase the competitive aspect of the game or cause players to totally lose their minds and stop playing. If Flappy Bird is an indicator then players will welcome the added difficulty and bragging rights they'll have over their friends.

Swing Copters is set to be released this week on 8/21/14 and it will surely bring some buzz with it because of Flappy Bird's immense popularity. Only time will tell if Swing Copters will be as popular as Flappy Bird.

As soon as Swing Copters is released, you'll be able to find some cheats and tips for the game. I have linked my favorite site to use for app cheats above. If you know of any Swing Copters cheats or tips you can comment on there and they will add them to the list!

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