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jurassic-park-builder-cheats-hacks-2014.jpgJurassic Park Builder is one of the most addicting new app games available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The gameplay is similar to games like Sim City or Rollercoaster Tycoon because you get to create your very own Jurassic Park to attract tourists and make money! Jurassic Park Builder has a bunch of other cool features too like side missions and battles where you can challenge your friends' dinosaurs to fight.

When you start playing Jurassic Park Builder, you get to choose what type of park you want to build. There are three different types of parks in Jurassic Park Builder: the classic Jurassic Park (Isla Nublar), the Aquatic Park, and the Glacier Park. Each park has different dinosaurs that you can discover and collect to add to your park. The more types of dinosaurs you have on display, the more tourists will come and visit your park!

In order to build your Jurassic Park and attract more visitors, you need to add more attractions to your park. There are two different types of currency in the Jurassic Park Builder game: Coins and Bucks. Coins are the main form of currency in Jurassic Park Builder. Players can earn coins by completing missions, attracting park visitors and various other activities. Bucks must be purchased using real dollars. You can then use Bucks to buy rare items and creatures like exclusive dinosaurs.

The other main important resource in Jurassic Park Builder is food. You need food in order to keep your dinosaurs and other creatures alive and happy in your parks. Each different type of park has two kinds of food, usually one type of meat and one type of plant for the herbivores. You can either grow your own crops or purchase them at the Harbor in each park. It can take a while to grow crops so I suggest using a combination of growing and purchasing your food.

Even if your park is busy and successful, it can still be difficult to earn enough coins to purchase all of the items you want to buy for your park. That's why they created a hack tool for Jurassic Park Builder where you can choose an amount of coins or bucks to add to your account instantly! The hack tool works by installing a small program onto your phone which will directly access the Jurassic Park Builder servers and add coins, cash, and meat to your account.

Here's how this type of Jurassic Park Builder cheat works. First you need to find a site that has a working Jurassic Park Builder hack tool. The one at JurassicParkCheats.com worked well for me so I'll use theirs as an example. Just go to the hack page and click "download" or "open" to get the hack tool on your phone. Once you open the hack tool on your phone, you'll be asked to enter how many coins or bucks you want to add to your account. This hack tool also has the option to add meat resources too!

Be sure to select your type of device: Android or iOS. This step is very important to ensure that the hack tool will work. You DO NOT need to jailbreak or root into your phone in order to use the Jurassic Park Builder hack tool! Once you've selected your type of device, just select "Start" to get the hack tool to start working. It should add the coins or bucks to your Jurassic Park Builder account right away!

If you have any problems using the Jurassic Park Builder hack tool, try restarting your phone and trying it again. Sometimes if you have too many programs running at once the hack tool might not work. There's also a bunch of other Jurassic Park Builder cheats available too! Just check out the link I posted above and I'm sure you'll find something to help you!

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