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make-them-jump-cheats.pngSo the fastest growing game of the summer seems to be Make Them Jump. It's an ios game that made it to the top of the itunes app charts in less than a week after launch.
We have put together a make them jump cheats guide to help you crush your high scores in the game.

You can view the make them jump cheats guide here
Anyways the game consists of 3 different modes - Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. In each of the game modes the number of players that you have to control increases from 2 players up to 4 players.

This is a cool concept for a game since it really tests your ability to concentrate on multiple things all at once. Or even better you can challenge up to 3 friends all at once. We recommend an ipad for this since it gets a little crowded on an iphone or ipod haha.


Make them jump is a simple game in principle, you touch the screen when you want the player to jump. Doing this your goal is to avoid hitting any of the obstacles in your way.

There are a ton of different strategies which you can find in the cheats guide above however the biggest thing to keep in mind is timing and proper finger placement. By utilizing correct finger placement you can make a complicated task seem a lot easier.

For the regular mode try to use both hands index fingers.

For Nightmare mode try and use the index and middle finger of your dominant hand while also utilizing your off hands index finger.

For Hell mode just use both hands index and middle fingers.

It takes a little practice but after a little bit you'll get the hang of it and be dropping record breaking scores almost every run.

Hopefully you've already downloaded make them jump and this strategy cheat guide will help you out along the way.
Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the new game!

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